Angiogram Results


Originally Published on: 03/07/18 at 8:42pm

After two days of waiting, I finally got a call from the nurse today with the results of the Angiogram.  The nurse told me that they didn’t find anything significant on the tests, so there would be nothing more they could do.  She said I might want to have someone look at me neck, and go to pain management.    It could very well be a problem with my neck, I never got extensive testing done on it, only an X-ray, but it seems like they can’t explain it, so refer me to pain management because they don’t know what else to say to me.  I have seen numerous pain management doctors over the years and they have been about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.  That will be a very last resort.   So i’m going to find some new doctors, and get a few more opinions, maybe it’s my neck, maybe it’s this TOS, but there has to be something someone can do to help!!

**taking any good doctor suggestions also, will travel 🙂

This is just a picture of the Aorta Branches,  you can see the Left Subclavian artery which is the one blocked by the stent (which is in the aortic arch), and my Left Subclavian has a bypass going to the Left Common Carotid in order for my left arm to get enough blood.   I’ve been explaining this 25 times per day lately so I’m getting better at it 🙂

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