8 Year Anniversary and EMG Results

Originally Published on: 4/11/18 at 9:22 pm

Yesterday was the anniversary of my accident.  Today is the anniversary of my surgery on my Aorta.  8 years ago everything changed.   People often say that, everything can change in an instant, it sounds like a meme, but I have lived that.  April 09, 2010 was the last ‘normal’ day I will ever have in my life, at least that’s how it feels.   When I say normal I mean feeling good, and not like something crushed my body.   I have not had one day since then that I woke up and felt good.  To put that into perspective, I have woken up 2,920 times with some kind of pain.  If it wasn’t my current arm pain, or the arm pain I used to have (from Subclavian Steal), it was the headache that lasted a year, a Migraine, back pain, rib pain, or something else or some combination of those….  It’s getting old, and I am getting frustrated. I just want to feel like I did when I was 25, or at least not like I am 84.  Young and fun 😎

Explaining everything here in my blog, and talking about it on here has at least made my friends and family understand a little better what is happening with my body and why I cancel my plans 75% of the time (sorry, laying bed is not my idea of fun either :/ ).   I have been finding some people with conditions or symptoms similar to mine on  social media, and let me tell you, I thought I was the only person in the world who had so much trouble with doctors, medications, and insurance.   Finding all of these young people just like me out there has been really comforting.   It is helping me realize I do need to speak up for myself, because there are so many out there doing the same and being their own advocate.  It is also really sad because this whole process can be so frustrating and I hate that there are all of these people out there who HAVE to do this, whose lives depend on it.  If I have learned anything from my years of doctors visits and surgeries, it is that no one else will stick up for your health other than you.   If there is something wrong, say something.  If no one listens, find someone else.   SOMEONE WILL.  I still have five different doctors giving me five different treatment plans, and I don’t really feel good about any of them yet, so I will keep speaking up.   I will find something that works for ME, not for the doctor.  I had my worst experience yet with the new Pain Management doctor yesterday.  I am seeing him again Friday, so please wish me luck, it is not going well.  Although, he did trigger point injections yesterday in my neck and shoulder, 10 of them, and it brought my pain down a little bit 😆 so I am very happy about that!   We are not seeing eye to eye on appropriate treatment to sum it up, but his wife is also a Dr. at the same practice and has agreed to take me on as a patient so I will start seeing her next week.  Hopefully we can agree on something!!

As for my EMG/NCS I had last week, I haven’t had the full results explained to me yet, but I spoke with the office and it showed Radiculopathy.

Again, while I am glad it didn’t come back showing something crazy or fatal or anything, this is still very frustrating as this still doesn’t explain ALL of my symptoms, only a few.  Hopefully when I see the Dr. Friday he will explain the whole test and results to me, but it sounds like it is basically a pinched or damaged nerve.

What I really would like to do is see Dr. House, and just have him look at my WHOLE body and use his medical magic, but since Doctors in real life don’t do that, I will see someone from every single specialty until I find out answers for ALL of my weird symptoms.

I cannot believe this was 8 years ago

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