3rd Epidural and my first good appointment in months!!

Originally Published: 04/13/18 at 3:14pm

Today I had the best appointment I have had in 2018. Celebration time! ❤😊 ❤ And with the Pain Management doctor!!  I was not expecting it to go very well as we have not been agreeing on his recommended treatment, but I think the problem is solved now, and by the end of the appointment we were talking Cubs, so I think I can learn to get along and play nice LOL.  I will start seeing another doctor in the practice starting next week, and he seems OK with that since it is his Wife.  The nurses at the office have only good things to say about her, and one I spoke with said she thinks this will be a much better fit.

This week he did Trigger Point Injections into my neck and shoulder on Tuesday, and then today he did the 3rd Cervical Epidural.  It seems to be starting to work.  I think the TP injections loosened one of the giant knots in my shoulder, and I am definitely enjoying the slight relief!  The plan going forward is one more Epidural, more TP injections in a few weeks, and then possibly a Nerve Block or Ablation.  I am also able to take Anti-Inflammatories (Meloxicam) again since I won’t have any injections for at least 2 weeks, so that should help also!

He also gave me the OK to start back in Physical Therapy, so I can start getting strong again!!!!  Physical Therapy has probably been the most helpful thing for me in the past, so I am really excited to get started.

The Doctor did explain the EMG results to me in a little more detail.  I have Radiculitis/Radiculopathy at C5 -C6 (Cervical Spine).  The Doctor explained this basically means my Nerves at C5-C6 are damaged and are causing the pain in my arm, shoulder, neck, ribs.  I am hopeful that since we know what we are dealing with, now we can start to make it better!

I asked for a copy of the EMG today so I can forward it to all of the Doctors I have seen, as all of them were interested in seeing what it showed and when I reviewed the form today, half of the information on it was incorrect.   I never asked for the test results before for my own records as I figured Doctors know what they are doing…..right??  Nope, never trust anything without reviewing it yourself.  I just started doing this myself in 2018.

My theory on this is pure laziness.   I have never seen the Doctor that performed the exam, he is someone that works for the Pain Clinic, and only does these tests.   He asked me a few brief questions before the exam, but I didn’t think I needed to tell him my entire medical history, or all of my symptoms as he didn’t ask for it, and my treating doctor already had all of this information.   Here are the things they documented incorrectly, on a legal medical document.

I am right handed    nope, lefty and almost all of my issues are left sided

I do not have any upper extremity weakness I have tons, this is my biggest issue right now

Denied recent weight loss  I have lost 30 pounds total in about 6 months, about half are unexplained because I am barely working out, other than some low impact, very modified yoga and continue to lose weight, and have no appetite 

Denied easy bruising  I had like 6 bruises on the areas he tested alone, so he didn’t even look

Denied chest pain One of my primary complaints

Denied Shortness of breath One of my primary complaints

Denied Poor Circulation He clearly did not listen to anything I DID say, because this I specifically told him in a brief medical history

He also documented that I had 3 surgeries on my Aorta  Nope, just 1

I spoke with the office that performed the test and they apologized profusely.  The woman I spoke with there was wonderful, and actually is close to my age and has chronic pain issues is well, so we chatted for quite a while and she explained alot of this to me which was very helpful, but still so frustrating.   I had been waiting for this test for weeks, and now I feel like I might not even trust the results.   She assured me that the history would not change the outcome of what he found, as it is mostly all based on numbers and calculations, but if the Doctor is unable to take an accurate history, and make up false information (probably because I am 33 and look healthy)  I do not know if I want to trust the test he performed.   Then of course we get into insurance issues and if they would even cover a second test, so I might just stick with this one.  Someone is going to speak with the Doctor and give me a call back.

I am still scheduled to see a Cardiologist and a Neurologist in the next few weeks, as a few of my symptoms are still unanswered questions, and it is still not clear if the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome diagnosis is correct, or if that has anything to do with this….   The Vascular Surgeon that I saw in Chicago at Northwestern still thinks Thoracic Outlet Syndrome could still be there, but he was waiting on the EMG test results to be certain.   Now I am waiting on the corrected EMG results so the other doctors can review them.

Still going to celebrate my first good doctor appointment in months~!  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend ❤😀❤


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