A List of everything I have been diagnosed with ….WOW

Originally Published: 04/13/18 at 7:43pm


Updated as of 04/25/18 

This list is getting absurd!  When I started this blog I also started collecting all of my medical records, and getting together all of the tests and records I have around the house.  I am on a mission.  To make it easier for myself as well as the Doctors I am trying to compile a list of all of my conditions, surgeries, treatments and medications I have already tried, and history.  I went to my appointment yesterday very prepared with lists and ideas and the Doctor agreed to everything I wanted to try, and the appointment went great compared with previous ones so I might be onto something here… I am really trying to feel better, and if that means doing tons of research and work myself, that is what I will do!  I really enjoy reading about medical stuff though, so I guess i’m just a nerd 😄, and I kinda like playing detective but really it’s been very interesting for me learning more about this stuff, and how it all works.  I basically review other people’s medical documentation for a living, so I know a little bit about ALOT of conditions, but the more in depth I am getting, the more treatment options are available, so I am all for that!  The human body is really amazing, and what doctors can do to fix them is really amazing, it is just a not so fun journey getting to the point where they can fix it, or make improvements on it sometimes!  😂

I tend to talk about some of my conditions more than others, but this is everything …

……  I think mostly when the doctors don’t know what to do or what is causing my pain, they give it a name and try a treatment which usually doesn’t work, so it has been growing over the years.  Most of these have come from Pain Management Doctors, I have had a ton of injections, ablations, and other procedures to try to improve my pain. I am trying to figure out what I actually have, and what might just be something that has been tried and failed.  This list is getting almost comical to me… you would think someone with all of this wouldn’t be able to move, but I think alot of these conditions overlap each other too, and are other names for similar things.  I am no medical expert, but if anyone who is wants to give me any heads up on any of these that are the same, or any other ideas, please message me! 🙂  I am going to keep updating this as I go, so if you know something that might make it better/easier for a doctor to understand, please tell me!!! 🙂

The *** items are the recent diagnoses.  These are from the MRI, EMG, Pain Management Doctor, and Orthopedic Surgeon.   I guess now that I am looking at all of these, this is starting to explain alot of my issues….. now to treat them!!!! Onward!!!!


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  1. I am so very sorry that you have to deal with such a LONG list of issues. It all sounds very trying but I can sense your thriving attitude in your writing!

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