Cardiologist Day (actually saw a Vascular Surgeon)

Originally Published: 03/26/18 at 12:56 pm

Correction:   The doctor I saw was actually a Vascular Surgeon, not a Cardiologist.

Today was the Cardiologist at Northwestern, and the appointment was both interesting and informative!    This doctor agrees that there is a nerve problem going on, however he thinks my surgery last year probably caused it,  and that technically my diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is correct, but usually the nerve and blood vessel are compressed, with me it is only the nerve.  This explains why the Angiogram found nothing.  This also makes a lot of sense why Dr.White choose not to help any longer, he might have caused this!  So we are back in treatment options that involve removing my first rib to stop the compression, and the doctor knows of a surgeon in St. Louis that does these weekly, he would be the best bet.  Time for a road trip, maybe I can time it to when the Cubs are in town 🙂

This doc still wants to see the EMG/NCS results to confirm what he is thinking, but this makes more sense then what anyone else has said so far!!  He said this will not be easy to treat, but that I am on the right track.  He wants me to first start some specialized physical therapy for TOS, Depending on how that goes we will figure out the next steps.  🙏🏼😬

Killing time after the appointment 🙂


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