More Doctors


Originally Published: 03/18/18 7:39pm

This past week I saw a few new doctors, and so far really like them. They seemed to want to help figure this out, and are sending me for a few more tests, and to a few more doctors. Tomorrow, 03/19/18 I am having an MRI of my neck, and in a few weeks have an EMG scheduled. This will look at anything with bones or nerves. I also have two Cardiologist appointments coming up also. I am seeing one in the suburbs, and seeing one downtown at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, which is part of Northwestern Memorial, so hopefully if there is anything going on, they will find it! Keep those positive vibes coming my way, and hopefully will have some more answers/news soon! Thanks for all the love everyone, it means alot!! 🙂

I think this should be an option!! I’d like body 2.0 please.


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