Physical Therapy Day 1 – and Cardiology


Originally Published: 04/13/18 at 9:32am

Yesterday I started physical therapy, and it was awesome.   I LOVE my new physical therapist, and she seems very willing to help so I cannot wait to get started.  I can be a very confusing/complicated patient, so when I feel like someone has the patience to help me I get really excited.  My symptoms mostly don’t make sense to anyone in the medical field, and I get alot of looks like I am making them up.   I had two Health Care Providers yesterday ask me tons of questions and seemed like they were willing to help me get to the bottom of this, and that is enough to keep me going on this quest!

After Physical Therapy I saw a Cardiologist finally…

Now I posted a few weeks ago about a Cardiologist, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even see a Cardiologist.  I thought I did as I was in the Cardiology Department, but he was actually another Vascular Surgeon.   I requested an appointment with Northwestern Memorial with a Cardiologist, but since no one actually listens, I saw a Vascular Surgeon.   I am fine with the way things worked out, because I will need to see a Vascular Surgeon every year for the rest of my life to get my stents checked and maintained, and I really like the Dr. I saw there, I just wish people explained things a little better to patients, because I feel like an idiot sometimes!!

So the new Cardiologist I did see yesterday was great.  He ordered the one test left on my list to get done (Echocardiogram on the 23rd) and seems like he will be a big help.   My blood pressure has been very high and every other Doctor I have seen seems to think that is normal for a 33 year old.  I already take a Beta Blocker – Propranlol (it helps with my Migraines as well as my crazy heart rate) which lowers my blood pressure, so having high blood pressure while on this, is a little alarming to me, and now finally a doctor agrees.   I now get to check my blood pressure a few times a day, and on both arms since they are ALWAYS different (that doesn’t make it any more difficult 😆) .   My first reading this morning was 143/99 right arm, 132/93 left arm.  Once I have some data I will see him again and he will probably add another medication to better control it, which could improve some other symptoms!!

My sweet new Blood Pressure Monitor 😒



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