Another Saturday Night …

Well another one on the couch … we have been trying to go out all week, but I haven’t been feeling good. Tonight was going to be date night but my Migraine will not stay away and it leaves me being able to do nothing but enjoy the few hours I do feel ok πŸ™‚

I had a few good encounters/interactions with Doctors, a Pharmacy, and kind of the Insurance company so I will take that as the win this week.

I saw my new Pain Doctor, and I loved her, so that was fantastic. This is the wife of the last guy I saw. I liked their practice, and the Nurses and staff have been really great, but I just couldn’t see getting along with the guy. I am so happy I liked her, and she seemed very willing to help and work with me which is soooooo great. She was wearing super cute Cowboy boots, and I LOVE Cowboy bootsπŸ‘’ so she mostly had me from the start 😊. For the first time in 8 years of pain I was prescribed a ER (Extended Release) pain medicine and it seems to be helping. It is taking some getting used to and has sent my headaches outta control but once those get more under control, I think this should be better. Once I can go off the blood thinners (months from now) she is going to try something on my neck muscles with Botox that I had never heard of, so as usual I will try anything, and am excited! I’ll see if she can do a few shots in a few wrinkles near my eyes too, maybe Insurance will cover that!!

Speaking of the headaches, they have been getting worse and worse and finally turned into a full blown Migraine on Friday. I ran out of my Medicine I take and the Neurology Specialist I saw this week couldn’t refill it for me, something about certain medications and certain Doctors and who knows with Insurance anymore. I spent all morning on the phone with my Primary doctor and the Pharmacy and they were talking to Insurance because Insurance will only cover 9 pills per month, and my Doctor asked for 30, and I literally only want one pill !!!!!!

The pharmacist was super helpful and talked to the Doctor and Insurance and after like 6 hours and John having to go to the Pharmacy twice I got my medicine and it went away. It just Keeps. Coming. Back.

Overall a good week, and getting there πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Šβ€οΈ



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