Go For Broke

Sometime you just gotta go for it.  That was how my most recent hospital stay ended up, and it worked out well and I am feeling very optimistic about feeling better.

It has been a bumpy road to get here, but I had a long heart to heart with one of my Doctors (one of the Neurologists) while I was there this week and just voiced all my concerns and issues, and how miserable I have been (pain wise), and while she seemed like at first she was not going to be able to do anything to help, she ended up going way out of her way to help, and that gives me a glimmer of hope that there are still some people out there trying to help 🙂 I don’t really like people feeling bad for me, so I tend to downplay my issues, but sometimes I gotta just tell it all, ugly crying and all….

Basically, she got a Pain Management doctor come to see me in the hospital.  No one seems to belive how much pain I am in, and the medication they have been giving me has not helped.  Note: I feel like they don’t belive me, but I think it is mostly Doctors being scared to prescribe medications, because I have NEVER had so much trouble in 8 years of dealing with pain.  The medication I was taking makes me tired, and crabby but doesn’t do much for the pain.  Well, after talking with the Pain Management doctor at the hospital, my doctor (the Neurologist) called my pain management doctor to give her the recommendations.  It’s all really confusing, and somewhere along the line there was definitely some miscommunication, but my pain management doctor did end up prescribing me something that seems to be helping more so far! 🙂

Also, next week I will start seeing someone at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab.  My Neurology team referred me there, since I am having so much trouble getting this pain under control. This is the old RIC in downtown Chicago, and it is supposed to be a FANTASTIC place that I know of at least 3 people personally who they have helped, and I am sure I will hear of more now that I am going there.   I am really excited, as I think they will help me more than anyone else has been able to 🙂

So while this hospital stay was still pretty terrible, I came out with a few good things to look forward to, and more hope that there are Doctors who will help 🙂

**The song is Machine Gun Kelly feat. James Arthur ‘Go For Broke’  it fits with this week 🙂



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