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Day 2 at Shirley Ryan

This place is my dream come true. It is exactly what I was looking for, and can see a little difference already. I don’t think I’m going to leave a fixed person, but I think I will leave with the tools I need, and the help I need with getting back to ‘normal’ life.

My first session today was Feldenkrais. If you’ve never heard of this, you are not alone. No one in the class had ever heard about it, but I must say it was relaxing, and nice to move around a little. It was mostly relaxing and little movements just to get muscles working that I forgot existed 😂😬.

A lot of what this Hospital focuses on is the psychological connection to pain, and let me tell you, I have never felt more heard or understood in all my years of Doctors and Hospitals. Our Feldenkrais teacher was a fellow Chronic Pain sufferer and the first thing she said was that she beilived us. That we wouldn’t be there if we didn’t have pain, and that she truly beilived this program would help. Well, after months of feeling like no one has beilived anything I’ve said, that made me a little teary 😢. It feels really good to be where I think I can actually get some help, and some answers, and some better tools to deal with all of it.

I saw my Pain Doctor yesterday and he prescribed me something to help sleep, as I’m lucky if I get a few hours lately, and my Fitbit reported 6 hours last night, so that’s already a huge improvement!

In one of the Psychology sessions we were taught about the connection from sleep, stress, everything that affects chronic pain, and puts you back into the cycle of pain. It was interesting to learn! For example, if you have pain, you will probably have trouble sleeping. When you don’t sleep, your pain gets worse. Then you don’t sleep. Never ending. I felt a little bit better today with a few hours of sleep, and all of the relaxation, PT, and OT sessions today :).

I’m exhausted, but so happy that I got into this program so quickly!! I think my Doctor pulled some strings for me, because I got added into the class at the very last minute Friday, and it sounds like a lot of people wait a while to get in. Did I say that I love him already? 😂


The song is the one, the only Miranda Lambert. #inmypinksunglasses #positiveplastic


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