Day 11 at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

I hope they don’t mind me posting their secrets 😂, but this is the basic idea behind this program. A multidisciplinary approach to pain. On the left are the things we work on every day. Pain Level, sleep, Activities of Daily Living, work, coping, medicines (limiting them), and mood. These are all the things impacted by chronic pain, or in my case, chronic and acute pain. PT (physical therapy), OT (occupational therapy) and BFB bio-feedback are huge tools for dealing with the pain. A new class started yesterday so I’m guessing this is leftover from their intro class on the first day yesterday. My class is now the upper classmen! 😂 We told them yesterday it’s going to be exhausting, but worth it :). The class before me told me the same and that gave me enough hope to keep getting here every day so far, and day by day it’s getting a little better. I even increased my strength in my left arm by 1 lb. Baby steps. #hope #science


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