Mirror Therapy

I started doing something called mirror therapy today, and let me tell you, the brain never fails to amaze me.

You sit with a mirror on one side and block your injured limb from sight. My left arm is giving me a really hard time currently, so we are working on that.

You move your opposite arm so that you can see the reflection in the mirror and actually see your good limb also. Your brain “thinks” it’s the bad limb, and makes your brain think you are moving the hurt one. It’s kinda Trippy!!! It legit felt like my left arm was going up and down ( which really hurts currently) while not actually moving it. It’s another one of those “re-wiring” things to make your brain know that movement is good and safe. When something hurts over and over your brain thinks bad, don’t do that, and you start subconsciously altering movement.




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