the house that built me

My mom’s garden is amazing. My parents bought this house almost 30 years ago.  It is over 100 years old, and somehow gets more beautiful every year (thanks to my mom).

Her garden is amazing

This used to be my dad’s pond. My mom filled it in and made it into a garden 🌺

I still have similar handwriting… left handed problems (1988)
Caught a 787 at ORD crossing the bridge

Had to go visit my middle school! South Cardinals for life!
My dad’s elementary school – Our Lady of the Wayside

Denny was my dad ❤️

Rocky the squirrel

Beck the stray cat

I enjoy the shade — always



Raven brought a bird in to show me… it flew around the living room for 20 minutes before I helped get it out!! Raven likes to eat them



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