dreaming with a broken heart

dreaming with a broken heart - John Mayer 2006 

I might have a “broken” heart, but it’s not stopping me.  The Cardiologist I saw today was nothing short of amazing, and spent over an hour getting history and explaining my issues to me in a way I could understand.

I saw him about the hole in my heart (patent foramen ovale). I didn’t know it until earlier this year, but I was born with a small hole in my heart between the left and right atriums.

I only found out about mine through testing when I was in-patient for my vertebral artery dissection.

Some people with PFO’s need surgery or other treatment. The only treatment I need is cardiac conditioning, which I have been slowly working on. If it doesn’t go well, he will order further testing, but as long as my symptoms remain stable, I won’t need any other interventions.

I still have 3 more referrals to get through before the end of the year, but if they all keep going this well, I’m gonna be smiling through them all. 😎



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