DNA – Kendrick Lamar 2017 

Another day, another referral!!

Today was genetics. My neurologist at Northwestern Medicine referred me to look into the possibility of a genetic condition.

Earlier this year I had a vertebral artery dissection that can’t be explained, the doctors think it could be an issue with my connective tissues.

I am pretty terrified of the results, but I am very thankful to have Doctors who are helping me look into all of my issues and any possibilities. Today I sat down with a genetic counselor (and her student as it’s a teaching hospital) and she went over all of the possibilities that we might find, and what we might not find. Basically they will test 40 + genes and what they find may give us answers, or might give more questions. There is a lot about genetics that is still not understood (especially by me!).

I got some blood drawn, signed some consent forms and was on my way… now I wait. It will be between 6-8 weeks before I get results, and then I will meet with a Doctor in Cardiology to go over the results.

I am just glad to know they are looking into all possibilities so we can figure out a good treatment plan and figure out why I keep having unexplained issues!


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