i’m still standing

i’m still standing – Elton John (1983)

Hey ya’all, Sara here and ‘I’m still standing’ (this song and video are just too great)!!

I know I haven’t shared much lately…so here is a quick re-cap.

After herniating another disc in my lower back in 2019, I’ve been really working hard at getting stronger, and have been able to avoid any surgical interventions or otherwise by keeping up with it. I have been doing yoga every day, and been alternating strength, and cardio workouts also. It’s seriously hard work, but it seems to be paying off as my physical strength hasn’t been this good in years…. It’s been at least 3 years since I have been able to do a plank, so this is HUGE progress. The majority of my health problems are stable right now, which is amazing, but there always has to be something not working right in my body 🙄🙄. If you follow my stories on social media, I posted some pictures a few days ago at the hospital getting some tests done on my esophagus.

Still unsure why they always let me keep my phone when under sedation LOL

It’s having the same issues it’s had in the past, with spasming, trouble swallowing solid food, but I’ve had some additional symptoms creep up this year, with vomiting, horrible heartburn, and chest pain (it feels like I’ve swallowed rocks after I eat).

There are two main possibilities this could be 1. Esophagogastric junction (EGJoutflow obstruction (which is what they diagnosed me with last year and my symptoms got much better after having Botox to my esophagus, unfortunately Botox only last 6 months to a year)

2. Achalasia – this would be something new and would require surgery. This has to do with the nerves that control the esophagus.

I’m hoping for the first one, but I know I am in good hands either way , and my doctors are getting to the bottom of these issues.

Just waiting for the results now… some of the tests they did take up to two weeks to get, so I’ll just be trying to stay busy while I wait!!!

I’ll also be seeing my favs over at the ability lab – pain management center again soon, to talk progress, treatment, and what else I can be doing to continue to feel better.

Always moving #onward !!


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  1. Sara, glad to here your hanging in there….sad that your having to go through all this but sending healing vibes…..😎

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