shake it out

Alright here goes. Things have still been tough. My body never does what it is supposed to do. I’ll probably be in & out of physical therapy for the rest of my life. I have so many health conditions I have lost track. Despite all this crap going on, I have to say I’m pretty content with life 👍. I have a roof over my … Continue reading shake it out


Chicago Botanic Gardens & MRI results

💫 the Andersons do the Chicago Botanic Gardens 🌸 ⁣⁣ My MRI results were less than ideal. The same level of my spine I had surgery on in 2014 is now herniating the other way, and compressing my nerve root 🤷‍♀️ Today was a good day though and I’m going to always make the best out of the good days I have. I’ll be starting … Continue reading Chicago Botanic Gardens & MRI results