meet the ‘difficult’ women who wrote their own rules — national geographic

BOOK TALK Meet the ‘Difficult’ Women Who Wrote Their Own Rules These 29 women weren’t willing to be anything but fully themselves, from Jane Goodall to Frida Kahlo to Billie Jean King. BY SIMON WORRALL PUBLISHED MAY 12, 2018 This story is part of Women of Impact, a National Geographic project centered around women breaking barriers in … Continue reading meet the ‘difficult’ women who wrote their own rules — national geographic

my story – part 15 – cervical artery dissection registry

Even though I look healthy, I have some serious medical problems going on.  While my cervical artery dissection is healing very nicely, from my last scan, it still places me at being high risk for a stroke, and I still have "stroke-like" symptoms every day.   It can be scary when you don't know what it … Continue reading my story – part 15 – cervical artery dissection registry


B*tch 🎵 Meredith Brooks 🎵🎧 1997 I think we can all relate to this song a little bit, especially the ladies. Living with Chronic Pain/Illnesses can be beyond stressful. The world makes you continuously prove how sick you are and honestly, I am done with that. If you don’t want to beilive me, then don’t, … Continue reading B*tch

What Sarah Said

When you end up with mud in your ear, you know it was a good day in the garden 😂🌺🦋 🎵What Sarah Said🎵🎧 Death Cab For Cutie 🎵 2005 #whatareyoulisteningto #deathcab #whatsarahsaid #butyoudontlooksick #occupationaltherapy #gettingstronger 💪😊   What Sarah Said Death Cab for Cutie And it came to me then That every plan Is a … Continue reading What Sarah Said

Third Weekend

🎵Third Weekend (of July) 🎵🎧 Dave Tamkin 🎵 @davetamkin is a Chicago local/turned Coloradan , and he probably wrote this song close to 20 years ago, but it will always be one of my favorites! And since it’s the third weekend of July... #whatareyoulisteningto #davetamkin #thirdweekend #superfan 😂😎

My Story – Part 13 (occupational therapy) far I have made fishing, gardening, nails, hair (dying, cutting, styling, braiding), and anything else I can think of into occupational therapy.   Gardening has been amazing.  I am still learning to pace myself, when I feel good I tend to do way too much.  I am finding a happy medium. oc·cu·pa·tion·al ther·a·py noun noun: occupational … Continue reading My Story – Part 13 (occupational therapy)

Let Me Clear My Throat

🎵Let Me Clear My Throat 🎵🎧 DJ Kool 😎 🎵 ... if you got real hair, real fingernails ... 💅💅 Saturday’s are for watching @cubs doubleheaders, painting my nails, and making my husband take pictures of my hands in the garden 😂😂 #letsplaytwo #FlyTheW #occupationaltherapy #letmeclearmythroat #djcool


#iwokeuplikethis Well, there is a filter, but other than that I did 😂😂 🎵 Flawless - Beyoncé 👑 (I’m def not flawless, but I’m ok with that) 🎧🎵🤙 “Babysitting” ... more just watching lil Denny be cute 😊😎


Some days you are Pippi ... and other days you are Ariel 😂❤️ Red — Taylor Swift 2012 Hair (cut, color and style), make-up, nails and flowers by me 🌺 🌸 Outfit by @newforyou #redhairdontcare #redhair #red #taylorswift #littlemermaid #ariel #pippilongstocking #butyoudontlooksick #chronicpainawareness #everythinghurts #stillsmiling #occupationaltherapy #ability #healthylife #fitnessmotivation #trainhard #noexcuses #nopainnogain #migrainewarrior #windycitybloggers #midwestbloggers … Continue reading Red