my story – part 15 – cervical artery dissection registry

Even though I look healthy, I have some serious medical problems going on.  While my cervical artery dissection is healing very nicely, from my last scan, it still places me at being high risk for a stroke, and I still have "stroke-like" symptoms every day.   It can be scary when you don't know what it … Continue reading my story – part 15 – cervical artery dissection registry

Spoonman “the Spoon Theory ” 🥄

The spoon theory is a great way to explain chronic illness/chronic pain to someone that has never experienced it. A woman named Christine Miserandino made up this theory while dining with a friend to explain the limited energy most people with chronic illnesses have. Miserandino suffers from Lupus and while each condition is different, the … Continue reading Spoonman “the Spoon Theory ” 🥄

We’re not Gonna Take It!

"I call these photos: Being a Rebel" 🤣😂🤣 I love this song. I'm referencing it because it feels pretty good to have a few Doctors who are working with me and helping me figure out what's wrong. As for the rest of them... I'm done! The only one left to find is a good Primary … Continue reading We’re not Gonna Take It!


I'm an INFJ. I feel like that explains a lot about me. If you aren't familiar, it's a personality type. There are 16 different personality types under the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I've always known I was a little different, but I came to find out I am ever rarer than I ever knew! Only … Continue reading Here

Get Up, Stand Up

I have a really big variety of music I listen to. I think I pick up a lot of what is around me, and then I listen to it until I know every word and every song LOL, it's just something I've always done! I know the entire Hamilton Soundtrack and I have not even … Continue reading Get Up, Stand Up

Just Breathe …

I was reminded yesterday to Breathe. Sometimes I forget that. This can get so stressful and overwhelming sometimes, but always important to remember. Even more than just remembering to Breathe, I'm going to start incorporating more meditation into my day. When I am in a ton of pain, and stressed out, it is very easy … Continue reading Just Breathe …

I’m really lucky

I am really lucky.  Like really really really lucky.  Someone is definitely looking out for me.  Not only did I survive tearing my aorta, but I have also now torn a second major artery, and somehow escaped the worst case scenario again.   This can get frustrating, but I am really glad they found both before … Continue reading I’m really lucky

Home from the Hospital

I'm home from the hospital and I don't even know where to begin.... This picture sums up how I feel about my recent hospital visit 😦 I am so happy that I listened to my crazy body and went to the ER on Tuesday.  I couldn't get out of bed all day, because the pain … Continue reading Home from the Hospital

How the Opioid Crisis is Impacting Pain Patients – my thoughts

Originally Published:  03/30/18 at 12:46 pm I was starting to think the Doctors didn't believe my pain, but I have been reading alot of people's posts on a Chronic Pain message board and it seems every person with significant pain is having a similar experience to me.   This breaks my heart, because I know what … Continue reading How the Opioid Crisis is Impacting Pain Patients – my thoughts