Go For Broke

Sometime you just gotta go for it.  That was how my most recent hospital stay ended up, and it worked out well and I am feeling very optimistic about feeling better. It has been a bumpy road to get here, but I had a long heart to heart with one of my Doctors (one of the Neurologists) while I was there this week and just … Continue reading Go For Broke


Spoonman “the Spoon Theory ” 🥄

The spoon theory is a great way to explain chronic illness/chronic pain to someone that has never experienced it. A woman named Christine Miserandino made up this theory while dining with a friend to explain the limited energy most people with chronic illnesses have. Miserandino suffers from Lupus and while each condition is different, the spoons each activity take are universally the same/similar (for the … Continue reading Spoonman “the Spoon Theory ” 🥄